What kind of images are not allowed?

Images depicting porn, gore, racism, anything illegal or images that are considered to be design elements, we're an image sharing site not a hosting company.

What formats does pixel host support?

JPEG, PNG, BMP, AI, DNG, PDF, ICO, PSD, PXD, TGA and a ton more obscure formats. Try uploading your file, it might work!

What is the max size of an image?

There is none, however if an image is wider than 1600 pixels or higher than 4000 pixels we will scale it down to fit that size.

When are images removed?

They will be removed if they have not been viewed in the last 30 days.

How does remove image and rename image work?

When you upload you file we set a cookie in you browser, marking that browser as the owner of the image. When you then view an image with that browser two tabs appear that you can click to either delete the image or change its name.

Can i use pixel host from my service?

Yes! feel free to use our API to enchance your service with image sharing.

What do i do if i find an inappropriate image?

Send us an email to and we will remove it asap.

Why does it say 0 views even though i know a lot of people have looked at my image?

In worst case it can take up to 15 minutes before a view is registered, check back later.